New and Improved President Obama 4-Minute Cardio Workout

There’s a video that has been flooding social media (and no, it’s not that silly CrossFit fail video).

Some random guy secretly taped President Obama working out. Here’s the video:

#LungingLikeABoss <= No… no he’s not.

At first, I was impressed. I thought to myself, “Hey, there’s a man that’s pretty busy and showing the world that he can even take time to take care of his health.”

But then I continued to watch… with horror.

It was like one of those “fail” videos that go viral when you’re thinking to yourself, “This is terrible”, yet there you are… you continue to watch it.

So, instead of just shaking my head, I decided to help out the President, starting with his lunge form.

In fact, I acted so fast, I recorded this inside my hotel room in San Diego instead of waiting until I got home.

So watch this Mr. Obama. I’m like… awesome or something.

You’ll discover some simple fixes to get a better workout PLUS you’ll get a new and improved 4-Minute Cardi0 Workout so you can spend more time with your family…. or doing Presidential stuff.

New & Improved President Obama Cardio Workout

Here’s the new and improved cardio workout if you want to print this:

Total Body Extensions (20 seconds), rest 10 seconds – Do this 4 times
Mountain Climbers (20 seconds), rest 10 seconds – Do this 4 times

That’s it!

Want an advanced version? Do this:

Jump Squat (20 seconds), rest 10 seconds – Do this 4 times
Squat Thrusts (20 seconds), rest 10 seconds – Do this 4 times

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Carry on sir,
Mikey Whitfield, Master CTT