My name is Mike Whitfield, but my friends (like you) call me, “Mikey Pancakes Whitfield” because of my love for pancakes. 

In fact, I may have liked pancakes a little too much. This was me in 2003:


My breakfast used to be (and I have witnesses that can verify with horror) 1-2 frosted iced honeybuns and a Mr. Pibb. Typically, the rest of the day included burgers, fries, sodas (usually 2-3 cans a day), pizza, ice cream, and I pretty much owned all chip companies.

Even to this day, I dig me some chips. Mmmmm, starchy, salty carbs. My favorite was dinner, in which I typically put away a full size bag of chips while “deciding” what to eat for dinner. You see, I knew I was going to eat an entire frozen pizza but I acted like I didn’t know what I wanted so I would have an excuse to snack on the chips.

I did a lot of sitting, and a lot of watching TV…. but a whole lot more of playstation. One night, I threw an interception playing Madden. Being upset, I threw the controller, and when I went to pick it up, I looked down and my feet were nowhere in site. I saw my belly and asked, “Where did this thing come from?” I was over 300 pounds.

That was my “moment”. I had to do something about it. This wasn’t me. All of a sudden, I felt like I didn’t even know who I was. Enough was enough. I actually jumped on the “New Year Bandwagon” in 2003. I was going on vacation that Summer and I set a goal of 50 lbs by the time I was going to leave.

I smoked it! 75 pounds in 6 months! Boom goes the dynamite! (I love that phrase). Since then, I have dropped another 40 pounds and have kept it off for years. 

mike before and after
Why I Do What I Do

I’ve been there, I know how you may feel. Starting at the gym, brand new to fitness, can be intimidating. I know I was intimidated. But know that I was once there, just like many other people.

Through my online programs, I’ve helped thousands of men and women from all over the world transform their bodies, and because of this, transform their mind, which is even better. 

I was named Fitness Trainer of the Year, Fitness Entrepreneur of the Year and have been seen on the blogs of Men’s Health, Early to Rise, and more. I’ve been interviewed by Georgia’s PBS Station and I was a contributor to the best selling book, “The Big Book of Getting Abs” by Men’s Health because of my approach.  

So check out my articles. They have real, doable advice.

I’ll see you around!
Mikey “Pancakes” Whitfield