3 exercise substitutions for jumping

I was interviewed on a podcast a couple of weeks ago about everything from pancakes to mindset to exercise programming and everything in between.

I said this clearly and proudly (and even without hesitation)…

Stop jumping.

He about flipped out because he uses a variety of jumps in his programming at his transformation bootcamps. I even admitted I plug them into my own workouts and finishers.

After all, they are powerful. Jump Squats, Burpees, etc., etc. use multiple muscle groups, burn tons of calories and even improve your endurance and stamina.

So why would I say that?

I call it “Jacked Up Programming” (aka “JUP”). I just made this up, but it sounds really sciency and cool. You like?

Too many circuits and programs floating around with nonsense like Jump Squats, Lunge Jumps, Burpees and more Jumps of some kind. 100… 200…. 300 reps or more of jumping, jumping, jumping.

What’s our obsession with jumping? I don’t get it.

No wonder there are so many aches and pains, joint problems and people giving up on exercise. Not even top level athletes need to do this much… but especially men and women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s or older just trying to get back in shape.

It’s just not necessary.

So yeah, I’ll program a variety of jumps into my own workouts and finishers, but it’s just like a recipe… too many of them can ruin the whole workout programming.

I’ve vented enough.

Here are 3 non-impact exercises to replace jumping…

Exercise #1 – Skater Hops

Some folks look at this as an impact exercise, but when you do the right, they are not. This is when you hop to one side, putting all the weight into your outside leg, then switch. You don’t jump high, either. It looks like this:



If you have a program that calls for 10 jump squats or any other variety of jumping, you can do 5 per side of the Skater Hops.

Exercise #2 – Jumping Jacks (Do NOT Underestimate This One)

You might think this exercise is outdated. Tell me this. Is an exercise outdated if you get all of these benefits?:

– Improved blood flow
– Burns calories (better than running)
– Increases your heart rate and metabolism
– Improves your shoulder mobility
– Improves your coordination
– Improves bone strength
– Strengthens your hips and calves

I typically double the reps for Jumping Jacks if I sub these for jumping. So if a program calls for 10 jumps, you can do 20 Jumping Jacks.

Exercise #3 – Total Body Extension

You know how I feel about this one. It’s legendary. It’s like “jumping in place” so you don’t have any impact on your knees. I laughed at this one when I first saw it, now I use them all the time and recommend them to my clients that have knee issues or just want a non-impact option for burpees, jumps, etc.

I can’t explain it in words, so here is a video tutorial of the Total Body Extension:

Oh yeah, here’s a sentence that has nothing to do with the above….

The Carolina Panthers are 12-0. <== I almost feel “sexy” just typing that. #Truth

Alright, it’s a basketball day. Time to run with the kids in their 20’s. I hope the Atlanta Symphony doesn’t call me again. Every morning I play ball, I get a call from them asking if I can join them because of the way I shoot 3-pointers…. it sounds like string music.

Ohhhh snap!,
Mikey Whitfield, Master CTT

PS – There’s one exercise that burns close to 20 calories per minute that I didn’t share. It can be used by exercise beginners and athletes… and even everyone in between.

You put this ONE exercise into your own program and I guarantee you’ll become more mobile, burn more calories in less time and even shrink your waist line faster. I’ll share that exercise soon… maybe even tomorrow 😉 Stay tuned!